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My name is Ewa. Since my childhood, I have loved to create.

At first, it was drawings of animals, landscapes and fairy tale characters.


Later, I became fascinated by fashion illustration and artists such as Antonio Soares, Sonia Hensler and Dominik Jasinski.


For many years I treated painting as a hobby, which later became my passion and then turned into an addiction that gives me energy and provides positive emotions.


I also paint abstract pictures and create collages, but the greatest joy for me is to create portraits of beautiful, strong and independent women.


In my works I love to use saturated and vivid colours.I love making people's dreams come true through art, which is why I also paint paintings on commission.


Recently, I have been running my art business and an account on Instagram @ewa.sylwia.kaczmarek, where I combine my passion for painting with travelling


.Each painting is a different story, a different journey and a memory that you create yourself...

HI I'm Ewa!